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  • I live in a constant state of denial
  • I was born on February 1
  • My occupation is cool pokemon trainer
  • I am She has the Japanese look.

About me

Hullo! I'm JennyVincent (as my user name says) I love the Harry Potter series, and I know a bunch of the spells and their grammar. Haha, that's what I get for reading Harry Potter so much. I love reading and writing, which works out together good! You can read my story at the Bully Wiki, if you want. My fav girl characters are Ginny and Hermione, but I think she's a know-it-all sometimes(Hermione), and Ginny's cool.

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Dumbledore This user is a fan of Albus Dumbledore.
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Harry Potter and Hedwig This user was very sad when Hedwig died.
Sirius Black Profile This user was saddened by the death of Sirius Black.
Lupin-class This user was saddened by the death of Remus Lupin.
Phoenix This user was very sad when Fawkes left the school.
Dumbledore death off tower This user was deeply saddened by the death of Albus Dumbledore.
Padfoot This user is an Animagus.
Gray wolf This user's Patronus is a Wolf.
Golden Snitch This user is a fan of Quidditch.
Wizard's Chess This user enjoys playing Wizard's Chess.
Bertie Beans This user loves Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.
Chocolate Frog This user loves to eat Chocolate Frogs.
Hogsmeade High St This user wants to live in Hogsmeade.
Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince Promo This user is a Half-blood.
Quidditch World Cup This user has 10 Galleons on the Fitchburg Finches for the next Quidditch League Cup.
Dolores Umbridge This user thinks a life-sentence in Azkaban is too good for Umbridge.
Nearly Headless Nick 2 This user ain't afraid of no ghosts.
Movies ootp stills photobook 009 This user can't help but wonder just what Aberforth was doing to those goats.
Fred&George This user can ALWAYS tell which one is Fred and which one is George in the movies.
DH2 Neville Longbottom holding the Sword of Gryffindor
Neville + Sword = OWNED
Al moody21 This user believes in
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