• I live in London; Hogwarts
  • I was born on April 21
  • My occupation is Student at Hogwarts
  • I am Female
Snape Great Hall Headmaster

Snape as the Headmaster of Hogwarts.(1997/1998)

"" - Severus Snape's final words

"Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home." - J.K. Rowling

Severus Snape Headshot This user's favourite character is Severus Snape.
Dhsnape This user was deeply saddened by the death of Severus Snape.

Who Am I in the Wizarding World?

I have a very rare black barn owl that I named Shay. My parent's bought me Shay on my first visit to Diagon Alley.

I bought my wand at Ollivander's in Diagon Alley.

I am a half-blood witch. I have one sister, a mom and a dad.

HarryGOF This user is a Fourth Year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

My sister is just starting her first year at Hogwarts this year, and I will be starting my fourth.

Fawkes the phoenix

My Patronus is a Phoenix because my Dad has one as a pet, and when I was

young I was always fascinated by how the Phoenix would die, and then be

reborn from his ashes. His name is Andrey.

My animagus is a horse. I can transform into it at any time I want.

My best friend is muggle-born.


On my first day of Potions in my first year at Hogwarts, I absolutely loved

my teacher, Professor Snape. He is so fascinating, and he really knows how to create potions.

He has taught me to be so much better at Potions, and I hope to achieve an 'Outstanding' on the

Potions O.W.L next year. Hopefully if I do, that will make Professor Snape happy. (:

My boggart is Professor Snape dead because that is my greatest fear!

Severus Snape Quotes

  • "That is the second time you have spoken out of turn, Miss Granger. Five more points from Gryffindor for being an insufferable know-it-all." -Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • "Mr. Moony presents his compliments to Professor Snape and begs him to keep his abnormally large nose out of other people's business."
    "Mr. Prongs agrees with Mr. Moony, and would like to add that Professor Snape is an ugly git."
    "Mr. Padfoot would like to register his astonishment that an idiot like that ever became a professor."
    "Mr. Wormtail bids Professor Snape good day, and advises him to wash his hair, the slimeball." -The Marauder's insulting Professor Snape; The Prisoner of Azkaban
  • "You dare use my own spells against me, Potter? It was I who invented them - I, the Half-Blood Prince!" -Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
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Padfoot This user is an Animagus.
Thestrals This user sees Thestrals.
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Severus Snape This user is a Half-blood.
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Marauder&#039;s Map insults Snape

Insults on the Marauder's Map

O This user earned an Outstanding on their Potions O.W.L.
Fred george ageing potion This user is a fan of Fred and George Weasley.
Oliver Wood This user is a Keeper for the Gryffindor Quidditch team.


Severus Snape's dot on the Marauder's Map!


My wand! Willow, 10.25in, Dragon Heartstring

Explanation of my username:


Team Snape because my favorite character is Severus Snape.. and 1960 because that's the year he was born (:

Official Member of the Order of the Phoenix

Official Member of Dumbledore's Army

Official #1 Fan of Severus Snape


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