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奇能異士:qí néng yì shì
extraordinary hero with special abilities martial arts super-hero

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Hogwarts students of unknown House (EXTINCT!)

Adrian Bertram Aubrey Alistair Ballcocke Bletchley (musician) Blonde Female Hogwarts Healer Student Melinda Bobbin David Boorman I David Boorman II D. Boot Boy who failed Avifors Spell Boy who played Sir Luckless Felix Brunt (I) Felix Brunt (II) Flora Buchanan Hamish Buchanan Zygmunt Budge K. Bundy Bush B. C. S. Capper Caractacus Luca Caruso (wizard) Cedric Stephen Cornfoot Irving Cram (I) Dirk Cresswell Bartemius Crouch Jr. Barnabas Cuffe Davies Roger Davies's girlfriend John Dawlish Simon Dedworth (I) Julius Dehoff Derek Derek (turtle talker) Harold Dingle Dobbin Emma Dobbs J. Dorny Margot Droope B. Dunstan Eekins Kevin Entwhistle Dahlia F. Unidentified fifth year girl Christopher Flack Mundungus Fletcher Jake Flinton Ambrosius Flume Unidentified fourth year student Cornelius Fudge Ross Gibberd (I) Girl who played Amata Girl who played Asha Miranda Goshawk Nicolas Grimmett Davey Gudgeon Robert Hawking Stephan Hodhedge Stefan Hoghedge Hogwarts Express conductor Unidentified Hogwarts student interested in earth magic Olive Hornby Jarrett Jay Jay's friend Gwenog Jones Lyall Lupin Dominic Maestro Theopholos Malentus Scorpius Malfoy Roger Malone Mauricius Angus McMangus Cyril Meakin Unidentified Minister of Magical Transportation Alastor Moody Lily Moon Morag Angelus Moriattis Eric Murley Maurice Netto Sally-Anne Perks Damian Perriss James Potter II's friends Albus Potter J. Prewitt Eileen Prince Gordon Pummell (I) Ivan Renshaw (I) Ivan Renshaw (II) Oliver Rivers Sophie Roper Runcorn Rufus Scrimgeour Shady Character Wendy Slinkhard Edmund Spiers Jonathan Spratt Squibbert Stebbins (Marauder-era) Kevin Sterndale Patricia Stimpson Terry Strickland Alex Sykes (I) Tiberius Alice Tolipan (witch) Kenneth Towler Unidentified female Hogwarts student who helped Unidentified Female Hogwarts teacher (XII) Unidentified Hogwarts student who was petrified in the Battle of Hogwarts Unidentified studying girls Walker Rose Weasley Victoire Weasley Ryan Westrup Winston's niece Eldred Worple Mervyn Wynch

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