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This wiki and i have differing opinions of merpeople. First off, there are no selkies or merrows in my family. as for the description of sirens, that sounds more like what i'm related to, except all the ones i know are much nicer. And my first cousin who is a mermaid is actually a lot more than 50% wizard and less than 50% merperson like I am. but what i know to be a "siren" is exactly that (music lover who lures sailors to their death) except for half bird instead of half fish. I do agree with the reasoning behind the Merpeople's classification of XXXX not because of a particular danger, but that they are to be duly respected for their powerful magical abilities.

Everything else

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  • Loyalty: Like i said, you have to earn my loyalty. i'll be on your side as long as you keep behaving. that is of utmost importance. it goes hand in hand with trust; you have to build it up over time. Also, if you try to argue religion with me, your attempts will be in vain. You will not be able to dissuade me, so don't bother.
  • Animagus: i almost put "a 12-foot tall guy with horns who talks in a high-pitched nasal voice" (which is in the picture up there) b/c i couldn't find a better place for that, but i decided that was far too lame to include, since i'd still be a human. i wouldn't use that ability regularly anyway; i can already talk to all the animals
  • Height and weight: If you prefer the metric system, i am 185 centimeters tall, and i weigh 2.75 kilograms. in other words, i'm incredibly thin.
  • Patronus: i needed something that could protect me and be majestic, so i went with a symbol of strength that i've known since my childhood.
  • Wand: it's a good story, for another time.

What I do for the wiki

Gnome This user is a gnome.

I spend most of my time on this wiki on the Recent Changes page, reverting bad edits and gnoming.

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