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Hello, I'm wizardsunite07, but you can call me Wizard, Wiz, or Nish. Nish isn't my name, it's part of it, but most of my friends call me Nish.

My favorite Harry Potter book is Goblet of Fire, and my favorite movie is Prisoner of Azkaban

I'm a Ravenclaw, and a Gryffinclaw. I'm also a Dauntless, a Divergent (Amity, Erudite, Dauntless) (wait probably shouldn't have told you that) a tribute from District 4, a Shadowhunter, and a member of the Herondale family.

My favorite Harry Potter characters are Ginny, Luna, Hermione, Tonks, and McGonagall. For Divergent, it's a lot harder, because most of them are awesome. I would say Four is my favorite, Uriah second, Lynn third, Cara fourth, and Marlene fifth. My favorite Hunger Games characters are Finnick, Cinna, Johanna, Gale, and Prim. And for Shadowhunters, it's Jace, Alec, and Isabelle.


My friends on this wiki are:


Jimbob (parabatai)



Puppy Potter




and more! if I forgot you, just tell me, 'cause my memory sucks.


The Harry Potter ships I ship:

Remadora, Hinny, Romione, Vikmione, Seekerhearts, Wolfstar, Nuna, Linny, Marthur, Jily, and Bleur

The Divergent ships I ship:

Fourtris, Tobina, Urilene, Marlynn, Chrill, Cartthew, Sheke. Amarge

The Hunger Games ships:

Odesta, Everlark, Everthorne, Hayffie, Clato

The Shadowhunters ships:

Clace, Malec, Sizzy

My Other Half (AKA RP Character)

Name: Aria Grayson (Lightwood-Bane)

Age: 11 (at start)

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bi

Patronus: German Shepherd

Wand: 10 1/2 inch pine, unicorn tail core, unyielding flexibility

House: Ravenclaw

Blood Status: Half-blood

Best Subject: DADA

Worst Subject: HoM

Special Traits: connection with animals

Birth Faction: Amity

Chosen Faction: Dauntless

Inserted Aptitude: Amity

Divergent?: Yes

Aptitudes: Dauntless, Erudite, Amity

District: 4

Preferred Weapon(s): knives, bow and arrows

Skill(s): knive-throwing, excellent aim, hunting

Shadowhunter, Downworlder, or Mundane?: Shadowhunter

Institute: New York

Family: Lightwood-Bane

Preferred Weapon: Seraph Blade

Go-To Rune: Healing

Favorite Pages

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