Welcome To The Not-So-Long Tale of WormTaiL

Hi. Welcome to WormTaiL's profile.

Who am I, you ask?

I am a very bored person. I love Luna's character alot, and Ginny's too.

And I think that Nargles rock!

Join Luna Team too, and BE HAPPY :D


Ron and Hermione, 1997.


Bonnie Wright and Jamie.

Emma watson in hp7-1280x800

Hermione Granger 1997.

I am interested in alot of actors, they are VERY interesting.

I also play guitar!

I ♥ Owls.. Such amazing animals!

Hermione is fine too,,, actually I find it ridiculously easy to relate to her!

Normal 0801

Evanna Lynch, whi plays the role of Luna lovegood.

The information here is useless... BUT! I was born a decent few months, if not a year before Teddy Lupin. Which obviously is awsome.

Daniel looked so cute at first movie! But then he grew up =\

Anywho, Why Are You Guys Here?!
Normal 5bs8lf

2017 Ginny, Albus and James.

Aye, the photos are interesting. Looks like a relationship page... Only alot less official.

Random question guys: Do you know... what in the world... is... SUPERCALIFRAGELISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS? I think it is illegal, it is a combination of all three unforgiven curses, You take over somebody, then make him suffer, and when he\she isn't as usefull anymore... YOU KILL 'EM!


Hermione 1997.

So... Ummm.. Come back and visit soon!

BTW: Have anyone read 'Narnia'? and how about 'Foster'? Awsome books. Stop sitting here, get up, and go read something, something GOOD! D'ya hear me?

Hermione and Ginny

Ginny and Hermione 1994.

Now that you mention it.. I can basicly write EVERYTHING here can't I? Well, lets begin with a Q&A table, such as the very very random this one:
Why did you Pick WormTaiL as a nickname?

Well, Obviously, Wormtail himself is a jerk, and deserves getting his soul sucked out but nontheless - Dementors.

But I really think that the nickname itself is very cool, so I L~O~V~E it... :3

What's your real name than? Well... O.K, I don't really think it'd be a good idea to tell you, but... I mean... you guys can call me Wormtail ;)
Who the hell are you?

Told you already! a-bored-girl. So yes, every once in a while I come up with those Irish-like words, but I'm not even close!

I'm just affected by this book I read, called FOSTER, and I am basicly in love with this book.


Ronald Weasley 1997.

It's allright! I've had enough of tables! Back to same-old photo and scribbles! So... Umm.... You guessed it, I ♥ reading, so, if you have a crazy yet brilliant idea for a book I can read... Tell me!

D'ya notice how much have everyone changed in Harry Potter? I mean, lets take Neville as an example. At first, he is geeky, and chabby, But now he is kinda cute!


Matt and Evanna

He's got.. well.. manly... Well, anyway, I hope you all didn't forget to search after a nargle! we will find nargles eventualy! I mean, how much of a pain can they be? INVISIBILITY CLOACKS BUILT IN?! This is like torture!

Think I had enough for the next 2 minutes :)


Damn! Reading my own bloody profile and I want to add something RIGHT AWAY! Ridiculous! But I can't help it! I'ts not even under my control!


Harry, Ron & Hermione 1994

Is there anything you'd like more than everything else? Anything you'd be willing to give everything so it'd come true? Is there a dream, that you want so badly, you'd be willing to do anything so it will come true? Is there something you want to posses so bad? Is there?

Well anyhow, it was me being weird for a sec there.... And I know you did not really read this whole page, and even if you did, you did not however find it interesting, because I know it is not. If you did read it, you must've noticed my dreadful mistakes, which I am so very sorry about. Do not judge though! d'ya understand? I am trying to do me best, so... I should be appriciated!
EW Trio outtake2007

Harry, Ron and Hermione, 1995.

So, d'you read anything but Harry Potter? Like, I don't know, twilight? Or... maybe something like Animorphs? Or anything like this? I am just interested. Well, I think it is time for random invented facts about this user or in other words,, RIFATU! yep, sounds pretty odd, I know, but RIFATU is quite a good idea... Alrighty, let me begin:

WormTaiL, who we shall now call Wormy, is a famous mudblood who was born in 1996, Investing her life in studying and learning, Wormy grew stronger an

Ron and Harry 1997.

d wiser, but Wormy's dream wasn't actually so big, and her

Hogwarts, 1997.

biggest wish wasn't at all impossible. All Wormy ever wanted, was to be truely loved. When Wormy found out she was accepted to Hogwarts, she was very happy. She always wanted to be special. Always wanted to have something, some ability or anything that others, just don't have. She got into Hufflepuff, which was very nice since Hufflepuffs are nice, so she easily found friends. She was very good at Transfigurations and Potions, which made her happy, since these two subjects are quite importantfor witches and wizards. Nothing really special ever happened to Wormy, who's now at her fifth year in Hogwarts, hoping not to fail the O.W.L.S and keep being a good student. This is it for now.

Have fun reading and seeing the pictures that I've added just for you all.

To read The Daily Owl (TDO for short), presshere please.

Goodbye, me dear nargle-fetchers!

WormTaiL 18:20, July 14, 2011 (UTC)

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