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Hi everyone, my name is Yin&Yang! I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan like many of you and I grew up both reading the books (repeatedly) and watching the films. I think that the Harry Potter franchise is one of the greatest in literary history and is definitely amongst the greats e.g. Huckleberry Finn, Oliver Twist etc. If I could ever meet J.K. Rowling a.k.a Joanne Murray I would ask her many questions but the first thing I would say would be, "Thankyou for these FANTASTIC books and your seventeen years' dedication to a terrific series." So feel free to ask me questions or leave comments on my page at anytime and I will do my best in replying to them. P.S. I've contributed to quite a few pages now but the one I am most interested in is the forum I started some time ago called: 'The Physical Appearance of Spells'. Please feel free to check it out and leave your thoughts on it.

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