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Last night many of us have the great pleasure to enjoy finally the new and until now only, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 official trailer. The trailer air on ABC Family during the transmition of "Happy Gilmore".

The trailer began with glimpses of the Prince Tale with two little girls on a hill, Petunia and Lily maybe between nine or ten years old. We also see Severus Snape walking towards the Potter home at Godric's Hallow in 1981, after Voldemort killed the Potters. A short glimpse of a scene of the Half-Blood Prince movie, Dumbledore holding Tom Riddle's Diary in his office.


We also see the Ravenclaw's Diadem, also known as been a Horcrux. The two arms shown are from Harry Potter and Lily Evans during his final moments on the forbidden forest as he walks to encounter Voldemort and also we see the Dark Lord waiking, maybe lying on the floor of the Forbidden Forest moments before he hit Harry with the killing curse.

From then on we see Shell Cottege, Voldemort at Malfoy Manor surrounded with death bodies

Malfoy Manor Massacre result.png

of death eaters maybe before hes informed that the trio got inside the Lestrange Vault at Gringotts, The Break-In Gringotts and a suit of Armor coming alive at the entrance of the Great Hall, Death Eaters on the Viaduct Bridge about to enter Hogwarts, glimpses of the first stages of the Battle of Hogwarts and Narcissa Malfoy at the Forbidden Forest maybe when she's informed to check if Harry's "death body" have any pulse.


Oliver Wood leading the old quidditch team on broomsticks over the Entrance Courtyard and many suits of Armor making their way into battle. Ron and Hermione fighting Nagini and The Weasley family over Freds death body on the great hall.

Lupin and Tonks hold hands before their deaths.

Movies dh moviestills highres part2 009.jpg

Then we see Voldemort launching a spell to disintegrate the protective shield the professors put around the school and maybe the last moments of Remus Lupin and wife, Nymphadora Tonks.

The trailer then show us a scene that was not included on the book,

Harry and Voldemort falling during Battle of Hogwarts.

Harry is standing on the top of a tower and grab Voldemort by the neck and jumps to a cliff, between the towers of Hogwarts.


Then we also see the moment Severus Snape disapparate after the duel with Minerva Mcgonagall in front of the entire school in the Great Hall after Harry enters and demand him why he's standing on the same place of Dumbledore and telling him to tell evryone how he killed the headmaster and also if you look closely there is a body on the platform, at the left side, maybe Alecto Carrow disarm maybe by Minerva.

Then the trailer take us to the Room of Requirement and the Entrance Courtyard in the middle of the Battle of

Battle of Hogwarts DHF2.png

Hogwarts. In this particular scene if you look closely you can see a gigant with some kind of ax fighting maybe some members of the Order of the Phoneix, Hogwarts students, Staff of the trio. Then we see the colapse of the Covered bridge along with the death of the Snatchers.

Molly battleoh1.png

Then maybe one of the most anticipated scene of this movie, the great duel of Molly Weasley with Bellatrix Lestrange on the Great Hall.


As a cool fact J.K Rowling stated that she had always intended that Molly would be the one to kill Bellatrix, for two main reasons: First, so that Molly could "have her moment" and show that simply because she had dedicated herself to her family didn't mean that she wasn't a powerful witch, and second, to show the clash of Molly's "maternal love" against Bellatrix's "obsessive love". Then we go back to the dragon with the trio on his back flying over Diagon Alley and then the trailer take us to a short glimpse of the final duel between good and evil that is obvious has been moved to the Entrance Courtyard instead of the Great Hall on the book.

In this trailer we see many changes to the Hogwarts Castle. We see the Entrance Courtyard has been enlarged maybe for the battle sequences, other bridges and towers have been added to the castle and also can be seen on the trailer, in particular a new bridge that connects the Entrance Courtyard with the Forbidden Forest so it will make more easy to film Harry Potter last moments towards the Forbidden Forest. Also in this trailer we see a familiar face that we didn't see since the Chamber of Secrets, Oliver Wood, Harry old quidditch team capitan. Definitely a good preview of this epic finally. But sadly we'll have to wait until July 15 to see the final battle for the Wizarding World at the gates of Hogwarts. Until then, prepare your wands for the final battle!