Here is my guide for my Harry Potter Stories.

Leticia Somnlens’s story

Leticia Somnlens - A hag who gave Princess Amy the Draughty of the Living Death.

King Ian Wheasel - The King of Leticia Somnlens’s kingdom and Princess Amy’s father.

Princess Amy Wheasel

Charles Perrault - A Squib who heard the tale from his parents and wrote it as a fictional story called Sleeping Beauty for Muggles.

Queen Malodora Grymm’s story

Malodora Grymm - A hag who became Queen by using a Beautification Potion.

King - Malodora Grymm’s husband

Snehal White - The most beautiful girl in the kingdom, who Malodora plotted to get rid of by using a Poison Apple.

Brothers Grimm - 2 Squib brothers who heard the tale from their parents and wrote it as a fictional story called Snow White for Muggles.

Matilda Wormwood’s story

Matilda Wormwood - a British Muggle-born Witch who deals with her neglectful parents and evil school headmistress.

Elsa’s story

Queen Elsa of Arendelle - A Norwegian Muggle-born royal Obscurial.

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