Chapter 1. Voldemort Ascendant

Chapter 2. The Beetle Animagus

Chapter 3. Back to the Burrow

Chapter 4. Alexis and Evangeline Darkstar

Chapter 5. The Wedding

Chapter 6. To Destroy a Diadem

Chapter 7. Return to Diagon Alley

Chapter 8. The Locket

Chapter 9. Cleansing Harry

Chapter 10. The Lestrange Vault

Chapter 11. Albus the White

Chapter 12. The Hogwarts Express

Chapter 13. The Last Sorting

Chapter 14. Rumours of War

Chapter 15. The Hogwarts Army

Chapter 16. Killing Umbridge

Chapter 17. Darkstar Ascendant

Chapter 18. Evangeline’s Helping Hand

Chapter 19. The Battle of Caer Caënis

Chapter 20. The Prince’s Tale

Chapter 21. Endgame Discussions

Chapter 22. The Battle upon the Mountain

Chapter 23. The Flaw in the Plan

Chapter 24. Cleaning Up

Chapter 25. Back to Grimmauld Place

Chapter 26. Election Day

Chapter 27. Trials and Tribulations

Chapter 28. The Yule Gala

Chapter 29. The Yule Ball

Chapter 30. Christmas at Grimmauld Place

Chapter 31. Revelations of Lordship

Chapter 32. The Recovery of the Longbottoms

Chapter 33. The Wizengamot

Chapter 34. Career Advice Again

Chapter 35. The Celestial Ball

Chapter 36. A Dream of Spring