It's rather obvious. But some people on this site don't get it at all. I keep reading about "mistakes" because a bridge was built in 1998 etc. It doesn't matter! The films take place during the 2000's. You just have to ignore that they use the canon dates.

The dates they use from the books doesn't matter. They've used modern songs in Harry Potter (Order of the Phoenix) etc.. It's clearly not the 90's. Just because they use canon dates doesn't mean anything at all. The films do not take place in the 90's. So please, do stop making things into mistakes,when they are not.

The waitress in DH1 is clearly listening to her Ipod. The Dursleys have flatscreen tv, no 90's fashion etc etc.

In Order of the Phoenix they play "Boys will be Boys" by Ordinary Boys, released in 2006.