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In this blog I will list everything that is wrong with the movies. I will find as many mistakes as possible.

1: Let's get the worst part out of the way. I can't believe what the movies did to Ron. I can't tell you how much better an already awesome film series would be if they didn't mess with him. WHY?

2:They added stuff for no reason in the sixth movie. I have no idea why.

3: Bill is not in the forth, fifth or sixth movie.

4: Fleur is not in the sixth movie.

5: S.P.E.W is not in it.

6: Peeves is not in it.

7: Harry breaks the elder wand.

8: Dobby is not in the 4th, 5th, or 6th movie.

9: Winky is not in the 4th movie.

10: Percy is not in the 8th movie. They cut him out for no reason.

11: They took out a lot of stuff in the third movie.

Overall, the movies are pretty good, but they missed out on some stuff, like a lot of other movies based off books.