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7th yr of lily evans

waiting for the nineth



1. Who was Head Girl from 1988 to 1999? Was it Hermione? Hermione couldn't have been Head Girl from 1988 to 1999 as 1.) she didn't start attending Hogwarts until 1991, and 2.) a Head Girl must be in Seventh year.

2. How do you get a second cousin twice removed? The grandchild of your second cousin is your second cousin twice removed because the two generations separating you and the child represents two removes.

3. Should by talk page be archived? I'm not really sure about that one, you'll have to ask an admin.

Hope I could help!

Parodist 20:04, 31 August 2009 (UTC)

1. Well actually Hermione attended her Seventh Year at Hogwarts ƒrom 1998-1999 as during the previous school year she was searching for Horcruxes with Ron and Harry. So it could well have been her. On one hand, she was the most likely candidate as she was a prefect and the Headmistress (McGonnagall) liked her. On the other, she was only a member of that year group (with Ginny and Luna) for one year.

2. A second cousin twice removed is essentially a fourth cousin. They don't have to be a cousin the way Parodist said, they could also be a 3rd cousin's child etc. --Margiechocoholic Medieval Broomstick.jpg Owl me! 07:59, September 8, 2009 (UTC)


Roughly how many people attend Hogwarts, and is it possible for one house to have significantly more people than another? Does the sorting hat take this into account? Thanks


Hi Shirley, my name is Bellatrixisawsome. I have some quick questions for you if you don't mind. On your home page, how do you put those support boxes up like that because I can never get the picture as in I don't understand that? Can you tell me/help me set one up please?

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