"We are not aware that any study has ever been undertaken into the compatibility of Dukuwaqas and Selmas, so the Council of Magic cannot accept liability for the unfortunate consequences of placing the two in close proximity."
— President Valentina Vázquez, following the 2014 Quidditch World Cup opening ceremony[src]

President Valentina Vázquez was an Argentinian witch and the President of the Argentinian Council of Magic in 2014.[1]


It was under her regime that the Council staged the disastrous opening for the 2014 Quidditch World Cup, which escalated into a fight between various team mascots prompted by an attempt to make the Fijian Dukuwaqa and Norwegian Selma share a lake. Vázquez issued a public statement following the event, noting that the Council had been expecting the Norwegians to bring a group of performing trolls, and as no studies had been done into the compatibility of Dukuwaquas and Selmas, no liability could be afforded to her Council.[1]

President Vázquez attended the final of the 427th Quidditch World Cup, on 11 July. Shortly before the match started, she was spotted by Daily Prophet reporter Rita Skeeter chatting to the Chairman of the ICWQC, Mentor Metaxas.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • Given that she was South American, it is possible that she attended Castelobruxo in Brazil. Alternatively, it is also possible that she was home-schooled or attended a less regulated wizarding school.


Notes and references

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