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"Who will be your valentine? Gilderoy Lockhart has a Valentine's Day assignment for you. Complete it to get an oufit and a special gift from your chosen valentine, sealed with a kiss!"
— Promotional description[src]

Valentine's Day is an achievement in Year 5 of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.[1]


An invitation from Gilderoy Lockhart leads to a Valentine's Day project to remember.

As the countdown to Gilderoy Lockhart's peculiar party begins, you must decide who whill be your valentine!

It's party time with Gilderoy Lockhart! Your Valentine's Day will be a night to remember... or forget?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Depending on who you choose, you will receive a heart totem for the dorm in a different color:


Notes and references

  1. Its trigger chapter, however, has been moved to Year 4 due to the conflict with the Valentine's Day Ball achievement, thus the event is considered to have happened in 1988.