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"Do you know there was a monster in your vault?"
Harry Potter to a cloaked stranger[src]

Vault 998 (also known as the Card Vault) was a vault in Gringotts Wizarding Bank in London, England. It was located in the new vault area. To gain entry, one needed a key. The Vault belonged to Quirinus Quirrell before his death. Stored in the Vault was a large crate, a small box containing various things and a chest containing Circe's Chocolate Frog Card: the same one Cuthbert Binns gave James Potter when he was his student. Quirrell also kept a giant rat inside the Vault.[1]


"My trap failed. You are stronger than I thought, Harry Potter."
Cloaked stranger monologuing.[src]

When James Potter attended Hogwarts, Professor Cuthbert Binns gave him a Circe Chocolate Frog Card. After his death, Quirinus Quirrell gained possession of said card. In 1991, a cloaked Quirrell approached Harry Potter in Diagon Alley and proposed to give him the card in exchange for a Bezoar stone. Not knowing what a Bezoar was, Harry turned the offer down.[1]

Later in the school year, Cuthbert Binns, Harry Potter's History of Magic professor, spoke with him and told him that in his father's youth he had given him a Circe Chocolate Frog Card. Remembering the stranger in Diagon Alley, Harry told the professor that maybe the card was in possession of a man he had seen in Diagon Alley. Professor Binns then immediately gave Harry a train ticket to Diagon Alley. Aboard the Hogwarts Express, Harry returned to Diagon Alley and met the cloaked stranger. Quirrell, under the cloak, lowered the card's price from one Bezoar to ten Sickles. Quirrell gave Harry the key to Vault 998 and gave him permission to enter his vault alone and take the card. While there, Harry had to battle a giant rat, placed there exclusively to ambush him. Oblivious to this fact, after taking the card, Harry said to a cloaked Quirrell that his Vault contained a monster. He then simply remarked that he expected better pest control from Gringotts.[1]


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