"A spiralling gust of wind is emitted from the end of the wand."

The Ventus Jinx[1] (Ventus) is a jinx which shoots a jet of strong, spiralling wind from the tip of the wand.[1]


This cyclone is able to blow away heavy objects or even people.[1] The wind can also entrap people, preventing them from leaving due to the violent wind speed.[3]

Ventus Duo and Ventus Tria are stronger versions of this jinx, creating far more violent gusts of wind.[4]


In 1927, London, Newton Scamander cleverly used this jinx to blow away the British Ministry of Magic Auror Stebbins who was spying on him, blowing him away down the pavement, much to the bemusement of passing Muggles, who could not explain such a strange gust of wind. This allowed Newt to carry on with his duties without being intrusively spied on by the Ministry.[5]

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Ventus is a Latin word, meaning "wind".

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