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Minister Vicência Santos was a Brazilian witch, who, in the early 1930s, was the Brazilian Minister for Magic.[2] She was one of the candidates for the position of Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, in the 1932 elections that took place in Bhutan. She ran for the Confederation's highest office alongside Liu Tao and Gellert Grindelwald, and at the end of the elections, she was chosen by a Qilin to become the Supreme Mugwump, after Albus Dumbledore, who was initially chosen, refused to take the same position.[3]


By the 1930s, she was the Minister for Magic of the Brazilian Ministry of Magic. And with that position, she ran in the elections for the position of Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards in 1932, which took place at one of the oldest and most important temples of magic, located in Bhutan, which according to legend, if someone listened carefully, enough past would whisper for them.[3]

Santos billboards

Running for the post alongside Santos were China's Minister for Magic, Liu Tao, and the infamous Gellert Grindelwald, who could only run for the post because of corrupt deals with the Supreme Mugwump at the time.[3]

Throughout her campaign for the post, it was known that she was present at diplomatic events hosted by the German Ministry of Magic and organised by Anton Vogel, the Minister for Magic of Germany and who was also the current Supreme Mugwump during the elections in 1932.[3] At the candidates' dinner, she was greeted by Gellert Grindelwald, and later, she was served a glass of poisoned red wine, in an assassination attempt orchestrated by members of Grindelwald's Alliance, which Eulalie Hicks prevented her from drinking.[3]

Santos releasing Jacob from Grindelwald's Cruciatus Curse

Thanks to the Magizoologist Newton Scamander, the 1932 election candidates would have to be evaluated by a Qilin, who would choose who would be the next Supreme Mugwump, considering the purity and good intentions of each candidate. However, Anton Vogel, revealed to be one of Gellert Grindelwald's acolytes and a supporter of his supremacist ideas, worked to rig the election to try to get Grindelwald to win the Confederacy's top office with a false Qilin, and that in fact worked, and temporarily elected Gellert Grindelwald as the new leader of the wizarding world. During the supremacist wizard's speech, Grindelwald tortured Jacob Kowalski with the Cruciatus Curse, but Vicência Santos freed the Muggle from the curse, demonstrating her friendly and respectful stance towards Muggles. Thanks to the efforts of Newt Scamander, the falsity of the election was proven, and Grindelwald election was immediately nullified. The real Qilin bowed before Albus Dumbledore and as a result, selected him as Supreme Mugwump. While honoured by the Qilin's selection, Dumbledore declined to assume office. The Qilin then selected Santos as the next Supreme Mugwump.[3]

Santos billboards

After being elected, her victory was seen being celebrated at the British Ministry of Magic, Magical Congress of the United States of America, the French Ministry of Magic and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.[3]

Personality and traits

Santos was a good witch with a pure heart, as deemed by the Qilin. She was kind enough to relieve Jacob Kowalski from the pain of the Cruciatus Curse when she could see he was hurting.[3]

Magical abilites and skills


  • "Vicência" is the feminine version of "Vicente", the Portuguese form of Vincent. It ultimately derives from the Roman name Vincentius, from the Latin "vincere" meaning "to conquer".
  • "Santos" is a surname of Christian origin in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French languages. It means "saints" and is a very common surname in Brazil.
  • Her name may be a reference to the city of São Vicente in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. São Vicente is officially considered the oldest city in Brazil and the birthplace of democracy in the Americas.[4] The city is located on the São Vicente Island, which nowadays is shared with the city of Santos.

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