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"Finally, the young criminal shows his true colours. Welcome to the game, Daniel Page."
— Victor Gridley to Daniel Page[src]

Victor Gridley was a wizard and master criminal. He focused on procuring magical items and lived in a caravan with presumably an Extension Charm placed on it in Hogsmeade.[1]


Early life

Victor Gridley had led a criminal life of procuring illicit magical items for those who were willing to use them illegally. Though he claimed his hands were clean and that he was simply a businessman, his fingerprints were all over the items used to commit the crimes.[2]

At some point, Victor Gridley obtained a Skeleton Key capable of unlocking any door. It was later stolen from him, and Gridley suspected a Hogwarts professor for it, who he thought was a member of the Nocturnal Order of Tricks and Magical Exhibitions (NOTME). As Kaleena Page, who he claimed to be a criminal, owed him a debt, he wanted her to get it back, but she was arrested and put into Azkaban before it could've happened. He then fostered the idea of letting Kaleena's son Daniel do it instead.[1]

Attempt at capturing NOTME

Hogsmeade attack

Gridley was still running his shady business in the early 21st century, during which he parked a caravan of his in the Hogsmeade village and lived in it. He had two associates who would help him in his dealings with others, Mr Pronk, a part-giant, and a goblin. He had also recruited a Dementor from a dark corner of London when it was no longer used in Azkaban after Voldemort's fall from power.[1]

In 2010, in order to attract NOTME, Gridley staged a fireworks display in Hogsmeade, which resembled what NOTME normally did. This successfully attracted a masked and cloaked wizard from NOTME, but also three Hogwarts students, Daniel Page, Ivy Warrington and their friend, who happened to be in the village during one of their school trips. The wizard duelled the students and then fled, which made Gridley unable to uncover the wizard's identity. As a last resort, he sent some red origami birds signed with NOTME flying all over Hogsmeade, which warned the reader to return what had been stolen lest they meet a tragic end.[1]

Consorting with Daniel Page

Intending to continue his search for the Skeleton Key, Gridley sent Daniel a personal post asking him to come alone to his caravan. Unwilling to put their friend in danger, the other two students who had accompanied Daniel on their previous Hogsmeade trip came with him, which dissatisfied Gridley. He revealed to the students his past association with Kaleena and stated the mission that he would like Daniel to accomplish, threatening to release the Dementor he recruited on his sister Esme if he wouldn't comply.[1]

Later some time, through the reports in the Daily Prophet, he learned that Daniel had talked to the press and made a celebrity of himself as well as his entire family which was heavily involved in criminal activity, and was furious at this kind of mess which could've driven NOTME away from Hogwarts at any time. He kidnapped Esme and summoned Daniel again into his caravan, questioning his inability to acquire the Skeleton Key even though he knew full well that its possessor was Neville Longbottom. Daniel did not believe this, but Gridley connected the dots for him and made him think the Blooming Party that Longbottom was about to host could possibly be an auction for the key. He further motivated Daniel to carry on with his mission by bringing out Esme held at wand point by Mr Pronk.[1]

The Blooming Party

With Daniel's help, Gridley and his two associates infiltrated Hogwarts and attended the Blooming Party in the greenhouses in full magical disguise. He was recognised by Daniel's friend, however, since he was the only one who didn't show interest towards the Mimbulus mimbletonia on display. His real form was laid bare by the student's Revelio Charm, and he used wandless and nonverbal magic to spread the plant's awful smell as well as counter the attendants' Bubble-Head Charms used to block the smell. Amidst the chaos, Mr Pronk showed up and helped him capture Longbottom. When Daniel arrived at the scene, Gridley asked him to finish the fight, but he turned against him, which started another fight between the students and Gridley's associates. Meanwhile, Gridley left with Longbottom and brought him back to his caravan. He subsequently interrogated him and found that he was genuinely ignorant about NOTME and his business affairs.[1]

Skirmish in the caravan

When Daniel finally got the Skeleton Key from Elliot Evers, who had come clean to him as a member of NOTME, he visited Gridley in his caravan with his friend to return it. He asked Gridley to release Esme first before giving him the key, and cast a few Stunning Spells at him, but Gridley protected himself with the Shield Gloves on his hands. Seeing as his spells had no effect on Gridley, Daniel gave him the key and told him the name of Elliot Evers. Gridley was finally satisfied and allowed Daniel to see his sister by transporting the students to the dungeon of the caravan, where Esme and Professor Longbottom were held.[1]

The students found the people they were looking for, but soon discovered that the dungeon contained two Dementors as well, one of which was just recently recruited by Gridley. Not confident of their ability to defeat the Dementors, Daniel summon Gridley into the dungeon by aiming the Summoning Charm at his desk, hoping to have him deal with them. But since the Dementors already worked for Gridley, he had no trouble at all in commanding them to attack the students. Daniel, however, used the Summoning Charm again to summon Gridley's wand and snapped it into pieces. Without his wand, Gridley was unable to control the Dementors and fled, leaving the students to repel the Dementors. After Ivy joined them in the dungeon and drove off the Dementors with multiple Patronus Charms, Gridley re-emerged and disarmed Ivy using Longbottom's wand. He attempted to teach Daniel a lesson of knowing where the weapons were while being a criminal, without realising that Longbottom had awakened. Unprepared, Gridley was knocked out by Longbottom's fist, and his Skeleton Key was taken by those surrounding him.[1]

Magical abilities and skills

  • Charms: Victor Gridley was able to magically disarm others easily and disguise himself to avoid being recognised.[1]
  • Wandless and nonverbal magic: Victor Gridley was highly proficient in wandless and nonverbal magic, being able to spread the smell of Mimbulus mimbletonia and break the Bubble-Head Charm on others with a simple finger point.[1]
  • Business skills: Victor Gridley was adept at procuring magical items and selling them to others, such as the Skeleton Key, which he determined to sell to the highest bidder at an auction.[1]
  • Tactical skills: Victor Gridley was extremely crafty and had the ability and willingness to manipulate others to suit his needs, such as when he coerced Daniel Page into giving him back the Skeleton Key and sneaking him into Hogwarts.[1]


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