The Viking Girl[1] (fl. 16th century) was a neighbour of Zygmunt Budge. This girl noticed Budge's handsome appearance during his testing of the Beautification Potion and became entranced with him, along with several other Viking women. They travelled to Hermetray in boats and began to circle the island, calling such things as "cooee" and "give us a kiss, handsome" to him. Though this indicated to Budge that his potion was successful, he became annoyed by the attention and, once he returned to his normal appearance, frightened the Viking Girl and her companions away by appearing outside his house dressed only in his favourite loincloth.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • The depiction of this girl and her companions as Vikings is anachronistic. Zygmunt Budge lived during the 16th century, but the Viking Age is generally considered to have ended in the 11th century. In addition, Peter Dobbin, a concept artist for Wonderbook: Book of Potions, refers to the Viking Girl as "a medieval Muggle" on his official site, but the Medieval period ended in the 15th century.

The Viking Girl and her companions flirting with the Beautified Budge


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