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"Let's say... deeply committed."
— Vinda's devotion to Gellert Grindelwald[src]

Vinda[3] Rosier was a French witch who lived during the early 20th century.[4] She was a member of the famous pure-blood Rosier family[5] and a loyal and trusted acolyte of Gellert Grindelwald.[6][7]


Serving under Gellert Grindelwald


Vinda Rosier became a loyal and devoted follower and acolyte of Gellert Grindelwald at some point before 1927. She appeared to be Grindelwald's personal lieutenant.[8]

Invasion of Parisian house

Vinda, Gellert, and Abernathy in the home

When Rosier and her fellow acolytes killed the owners of a house, making it their hiding place, she spoke to Grindelwald about the world in which they would be able to kill every single non-magic person, but he told her that they would not kill every single one (that the "beast of burden" would always be necessary).[8]

Vinda watching Gellert as he shares his vision of Credence to them

While situated in the home used as headquarters, Vinda watched as Gellert Grindelwald used his skull-hookah to show them Credence Barebone's Obscurus, explaining that Barebone was the "only known entity alive that could kill Albus Dumbledore". In the French Ministry of Magic she enabled Abernathy, under the disguise of an elderly lady, to safely depart from the Ministry with a stolen Lestrange family box from the Records Room.[8]

Finding Queenie

Vinda with Queenie stalling for Gellert

Later on, Vinda located a distraught Queenie Goldstein and brought her to the house being used by the Alliance. At the headquarters, she comforted her and provided her with tea. When Queenie informed her she intended to leave so she could see her sister Tina, Vinda confessed she was deeply committed to Grindelwald, their host, and he entered the room and implored Goldstein to join him.[8]

Attending the rally

Vinda in the circle of flames

Rosier attended the subsequent rally of Grindelwald's at the Lestrange Mausoleum as one of his acolytes. Vinda listened in on a conversation between Nagini and Credence Barebone about pure-blood's hatred towards people like them, while leaning on a wall.[9] She went onstage to give Grindelwald a skull hookah to show everyone visions of the violence, warfare and bloodshed of the non-magical people, more specifically visions of the future Second World War.

After a young witch with red hair was killed by an Auror after she tried to attack him, Grindelwald in response to the Aurors' opposition to him, conjured a circle of protective fire around himself to test the loyalty of his followers; she stepped into the blue flames unaffected and unharmed, as she was truly loyal to him and his cause.

Vinda dissapparating away from the Lestrange Mausoleum

Whilst still holding Grindelwald's skull hookah, Leta Lestrange destroyed it with a powerful spell, which caused it to explode, knocking Rosier backwards. After that, she disapparated away intending to spread Grindelwald's words and message to the wider wizarding world, as all of his followers had been commanded to do.[8]


Vinda was among the group of acolytes who attacked Newt Scamander while he was tending to a Qilin. She cast a green dark charm at the mother Qilin, which fatally injured it.[2]

Vinda later accompanied Grindelwald to the 1932 International Confederation of Wizards' Supreme Mugwump election in Bhutan.[2]

Personality and traits

Vinda: "When we’ve won, they’ll flee cities in the millions. They’ve had their time."
Grindelwald: "We don’t say such things out loud. We want only freedom. Freedom to be ourselves."
Vinda: "To annihilate non-wizards."
— Vinda regarding her views on the Non-magic community[src]

Rosier was a mysteriously charming and ultimately malevolent witch, who was an avowed and loyal follower of the Dark Wizard Gellert Grindelwald, and supported his vision of wizarding supremacy over non-magical humans and their world. Vinda was outwardly courteous, sophisticated, and refined, and despite her deeply sinister ideology, could show kindness to those in need when it suited her to do so, as shown when she comforted and invited in a distraught Queenie Goldstein off the raining streets of Paris, for tea in Grindelwald's abode. However, her motivation for doing this, would appear to be unknowingly place Queenie under Grindelwald's presence and influence, in the hope of recruiting new followers to his sinister cause.[8]

Indeed, despite her seeming benevolent and full of good will, Vinda was in reality a very ill-intentioned witch, who desired to see wizards and witches rise up above non-magical peoples and rule them, or alternatively exterminate them. This lack of concern for the non-magical was made evident when she, Carrow, and the other Acolytes murdered the Non-Magique couple who owned the home, which they used as a temporary hideout. Ultimately, unlike most other followers of Grindelwald, Vinda was loyal to Grindelwald's true vision, but was more extreme, and proudly stated that she wanted the extermination of all non-magical individuals.[8]

Magical abilities and skills



Gellert Grindelwald

Her master, Gellert Grindelwald

Vinda was arguably Gellert Grindelwald's most trusted and loyal Acolyte, therefore being the Dark Wizard's anonymous lieutenant. Grindelwald trusted her with consoling Queenie Goldstein to soften her up for Grindelwald to convince her and also with keeping his Skull-Hookah, displaying his deep trust for Vinda.

When Vinda casually and proudly stated that Grindelwald's new order would bring the destruction of all Non-magic people and have them fleeing their cities in the millions, he told her they don't say such things out loud, but that they only want the freedom to be themselves and that they would not eliminate all muggles since the beast of burden would always be necessary.[8]


  • The name "Vinda" is a word of primarily Germanic/Norse origin that means "to wind; twist; wring."
  • Rosier is, most notable, the name of a fallen angel (a Dominion of the Second Sphere) and patron demon of tainted love and seduction.
    • In the Christian angelic hierarchy, Dominions regulate the duties of lower angels, and make themselves physically known to humans with extreme rarity.
    • Rosier is also a French name that means "rose bush" or "from the rose bush."

Behind the scenes

Rosier's Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore promotional poster


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