These seven individuals (b. between 1855 and 1875) were the children of Myron Otherhaus and Violet Tillyman.[2]

In 1855, Violet had a nasty argument with her husband, Albert Tillyman, and left her house through the Floo Network. She tried to say, "I want to go to Mother's house", but in her distressed, sobbing state, this did not come out clearly, and thus she emerged from the fireplace of Myron Otherhaus's home in Bury St Edmunds. Myron and Violet fell in love, and, over the next twenty years, they had seven children. The children's existence apparently remained unknown to the world until Violet decided to come out of hiding following Albert's death in 1875.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • If Myron and Violet never married, as seems to be the case, this would make their seven children the only characters within Harry Potter canon known to have been born to non-married parents.


Notes and references

  1. Their parents were wizard and witch, meaning that they could not have been Muggle-borns
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