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Violetta Beauvais was an American witch.[2] She, along with Shikoba Wolfe, Thiago Quintana, and Johannes Jonker, was one of four wandmakers who served North America in the early 20th century.[2]


Beauvais was born in New Orleans, Louisiana.[2] All of the wands she produced were made from swamp mayhaw wood.[2] For many years, she kept the core she used in her wands a closely-guarded secret, but it was eventually discovered to be rougarou hair.[2] Beauvais's wands were often accused of having a natural affinity for Dark magic.[2] However, many great American wizards of the 1920s used Beauvais-made wands, including President Seraphina Picquery.[2]


Violetta is a form of the name Violet, after the flower of the genus Viola. They share their name with a shade of purple, a popular colour among wizards

Beauvais is a French surname, from beau ("beautiful") + vais ("to go (away)"). Violetta may be named after René Beauvais, a carpenter and master woodcarver from Lower Canada known for his extensive work on churches.

Behind the scenes

Since Rappaport's Law required a Wand permit, it is unknown how users of these wands would apply for a permit as the wand Permit application requires the applicant to tell the Wand Permit Office details of the wand. It might be that she was required to inform the Federal Wand Permit Officer.


Notes and references

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