"A race around the castle grounds against another student may result in the winner gaining a Famous Witches and Wizards Card. The use of a Vitamix potion is strictly against the rules, however, and not only due to the fact that this is un-sportsmanlike behaviour - the Vitamix potion may have unfortunate side effects on certain people."
—A Hogwarts library book on broom racing[src]
Vitamix Potion is a potion that gives the drinker 'a burst of energy', greatly sharpening one's reflexes.[2] The Vitamix potion can give certain people unfortuante side effects.[3]

To brew a Vitamix potion, one has to mix Wormwood, Asphodel Root and Monkshood in a Copper Cauldron.[2]

Because it enhances the drinker's reflexes, using a Vitamix potion in a Broom race is strictly prohibited.[3]


Comes from the Latin word "vita" which means life, and the English word mix, roughly meaning "Life mix" alluding to its ability to induce vitality in the drinker.

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