Volant was the surname of a wizarding family with most likely at least some pure-blood members.[1]

Family members

Wizard(s) Notes
Céléase Volant Witch who lived from 1611 to 1635; married into the Lestrange family
Jodelle Volant[2] Wife of Floxel Lestrange
Salomé Volant[2] Wife of Falco Lestrange

Behind the scenes

  • The mentions of a French wizarding Volant family seems to be a nod to J. K. Rowling's own family: Anne Rowling (née Volant) was J. K. Rowling's mother, and most notably, Anne's paternal grandfather, Louis Volant, was a French soldier who was awarded the Croix de Guerre for exceptional bravery in defending the village of Courcelles-le-Comte during the First World War.[3] In 2000, J. K. Rowling set up the Volant Charitable Trust to help fund Scottish charities that alleviate social deprivation, particularly those concerned with women, children and young people at risk.[4]


Notes and references

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