Vulchanov (or Vulchanova for female members of the family) was the name of several individuals belonging to a Bulgarian wizarding family of unknown Blood Status.

Known members


  • The name Vulchanov [vəl'tʃanov] is the surname version of the given name Vulchan, meaning "wolf", "wolf-man" or "wolf-like". It is formed from вълк ['vəlk] ("wolf") and the suffix -an. It is turned into a patronymic and from there a surname with the suffix -ov and into its female equivalent with the suffix -a.

Behind the scenes

  • Considering that Professor Vulchanova founded Durmstrang, a school notoriously known not to accept Muggle-born students, it's possible that the Vulchanovs are an ancient pure-blood family. However, it is unknown whether this ban on Muggle-born students was enacted starting with Vulchanova, or during the two "dark periods" in Durmstrang history: the Headmastership of Harfang Munter or that of Igor Karkaroff, both after Vulchanova's time.


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