Waitress: "Harry Potter... Who's Harry Potter?"
Harry Potter: "Oh, no one. Bit of a tosser, really."
Harry answering the waitress's question[src]

This waitress was a female Muggle employee at Treats Café,[2] a café in Surbiton Station in 1996. She flirted with Harry Potter during the summer of 1996 and almost came close to discovering the wizarding world.[1]


Harry café HBP 2

Harry Potter reads the Daily Prophet in the café

She flirted with Harry Potter in Treats Café, at Surbiton Station, at some point in the summer of 1996. Harry was a regular at the café in which she worked as he found taking trains kept his mind off things and would often spend nights there. She almost became aware of the existence of the Wizarding world when Harry allowed her to see a copy of the Daily Prophet with moving images, but she brushed off her suspicions due to working late.[1]

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