"Don't tell me, it's raining in Yaxley's office again."

Wakanda (fl. 1997) was an elderly witch who worked for the Ministry of Magic, presumably in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement[2]. She wore her blonde hair in a high style that resembled an anthill.


"… I quite understand what you're saying, Wakanda, but I'm afraid I cannot be party to –"
Arthur Weasley to Wakanda[src]

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley encountered Wakanda in a lift when they infiltrated the Ministry along with Hermione Granger in 1997. Arthur Weasley was talking to her, and, judging from his reaction, she had just tried to convince him to become involved in something with which he had reservations.[3]


  • The name Wakanda means "inner magical power" in Sioux[4]. In Sioux tradition, Wakanda or Wakan Tanka is also a term for that which is sacred or divine.

Behind the scenes


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Notes and references

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