The Wand Permit Office was a subdivision of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at the Magical Congress of the United States of America.[1] The office is charged with the duty of issuing, verifying and maintaining registry over wand permits for witches and wizards in the United States of America.


FB-Wand Permit Office

Wand Permit Office in 1926

It is not an particularly high-regarded, as it was noted to be only slightly larger than a cupboard and apparently understaffed, judging by the piles of unopened wand applications filling the place. Located in a dingy corner of a cramped, airless, windowless basement room in the bowels of the wizarding congressional headquarters, it was said to be a painful contrast to the floors above and gave the impression of being the sort of place where "utter no-hopers" worked.


In 1926, Porpentina Goldstein was demoted to Federal Wand Permit Officer[2] and Queenie Goldstein had a menial desk job in this office.[3] Mr Abernathy was a supervisor of this department.[4]


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