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Prior to 1965, MACUSA legislation introduced in the late 19th century which made it mandatory for every witch and wizard in the United States of America to carry a wand permit. This measure was taken to keep track of all magical activity and quickly identify any wizards or witches who used their wands in noncompliance of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy and Rappaport's Law.[1]

Everyone, citizens and visitors, had to carry a wand permit.[2] Failure to do so would result in imprisonment, prosecution, and wand confiscation.[3]


In the 1920s, Wand permits had to be renewed. Notices for the January 1927 renewal deadline were were posted in the 6 December 1926 edition of The New York Ghost.[4]

By 1926, following her demotion from the position of MACUSA Auror, Tina Goldstein found herself employed as a Federal Wand Permit Officer alongside her sister Queenie.[5]

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  • Wand permits may be analogous to firearms licences, including the concealed carry permit required to carry a firearm on one's person in certain American states.


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