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Wandkeepers were wizards employed by Garrick Ollivander[4] to run the various branches of Ollivanders located throughout wizarding Britain, especially Hogsmeade, and to a further extent, the main store in Diagon Alley, whilst the wandmaker was away.[3]

Magical abilities and skills

In order to be eligible for the job title of Wandkeeper, the person in question must have had an expertise in the following:


Notes and references

  1. A callsheet for auditions for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Japan (transcription here) lists the wandkeeper at Ollivanders as being portrayed as between his mid-40s and 60s.
  2. He refers to a customer's tattoos as "Odd Muggle... stuff" and when a young girl refers to "the film" he says "I have no idea what you're talking about". He also refers to a thumbs-up as "Muggle for 'yes'". As such, it is unlikely he grew up among Muggles.
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