Albus Dumbledore - Former Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot

Warlock is a very old term that has two meanings: to describe a wizard of unusually fierce appearance or as a title denoting particular skill or achievement. It originally denoted one learned in duelling and all martial magic or was given as a title to a wizard who had performed feats of bravery (as Muggles are sometimes knighted).[1] It is sometimes incorrectly used as interchangeable with the term "wizard."

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Behind the scenes


The Anglo-Saxon waerloga or "oathbreaker", which passed through a Middle English form of warloghe or warlach to become warlock, has two components, waer, "covenant", and loga, "betrayal". The latter is derived from leogan "to lie", and may consequently have commonalities with Loge/Loki, the Norse God of Mischief and betrayer of Asgard.

The word could possibly derive from the Norse word vardlokkur, meaning "Wise Man" or "Wise Wizard". More specifically, a man with the power of binding spirits by channelling or using tools such as runes and knot-magic, as well as a label for the Gate Keepers or Guardians who protected spiritual knowledge and wisdom.[2]


Notes and references

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