"Large and dangerous insect that can repeatedly deliver a nasty sting."
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The wasp is a member of a suborder of insects that also includes the ant and bee.


Wasps are noted for being capable of repeatedly delivering a painful sting. Varieties of wasp include the tarantula hawk and the Vampyr Mosp, the latter being a wasp-moth hybrid. Regular wasps are particularly susceptible to the Knockback Jinx, the Fire-Making Spell, the Full Body-Bind Curse, the Softening Charm, the Impediment Jinx and the Freezing Spell. Like most winged creatures, however, they can resist the Levitation Charm.[1]

The wasp is considered a "lucky charm" by members of the Wimbourne Wasps, a Quidditch team named after the creature. This is believed to stem back to a mid-seventeen century match against the Appleby Arrows, which was decidedly turned in Wimbourne's favour when of of their Beaters hit a wasps' nest at the Apples' Seeker.[2]


In late May 1995, as Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger helped Harry Potter to prepare for the third task of the Triwizard Tournament by practising the Impediment Jinx with him, Ron used the jinx on a wasp that had buzzed into the room, causing it stop dead in mid-air.[3]


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Wasps on the Wizarding School map on Pottermore

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