"Ew! Calamari."
Jacob Kowalski's disgust at the parasite[src]

These parasites are a kind of magical creature that resembles a "spindly, waterborne spider", usually found living off water dragons.[1]


They can also be transmitted to humans, infecting their tear ducts — the best curative approach is, apparently, extraction using a pair of tweezers.[1] Their powerful venom causes human hosts to lose consciousness after a convulsive jerk if not adequately treated,[2] requiring several hours of rest for a full recover.[1] There are eye drops, a bright green liquid, that can help with the symptoms,[3] but it seems this is not an adequate, definite cure.


In 1927, Yusuf Kama was infected with one of these parasites that, Newton Scamander speculated, was probably transmitted to him from a water dragon living in his sewer hideout in Paris.[1] When Kama attempted to contain Porpentina Goldstein, Newton Scamander, and Jacob Kowalski, so that he could freely find and kill Credence Barebone, the parasite's venom caused him to collapse, allowing them to escape.[2] They took the unconscious Kama to Nicholas Flamel's house, where they managed to extract the parasite, much to Jacob's disgust.[1]


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