Ronald Weasley: "I had one of them once."
Harry Potter: "What happened to it?"
Ronald Weasley: "Fred used it for Bludger practise."
— Doodles on Harry Potter's copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (shared by Ronald Weasley because his fell apart).[src]

This Puffskein belonged to the Weasley family[1] in the early 1990s. He was kept in the family's Puffskein patch, where his favourite delicacies included wild bushes.[2] Sometime before 1992, Fred Weasley, along with his twin brother George,[2] used the family's Puffskein as a Bludger during Quidditch practice.[1] Ginevra Weasley would in her youth look after the creature in its patch to make sure the twins did not do it again.[2] In August, 1992, the Puffskein swallowed Ginny's Remembrall, and escaped to a small forest area. Ginny followed it and got lost, only to be found along with the Puffskein by Harry Potter.[2]


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