"What percentage of wizards and witches believe that Weather-Modifying Charms should be regulated due to their effect upon the environment?"
—The charms mentioned on W.O.M.B.A.T.s[src]

Weather-Modifying Charms are a group of charms that are used to affect the weather in an area.[1] They can be removed with Meteolojinx Recanto.

They have an environmental impact, and the Committee on Experimental Charms has conducted surveys to determine the percentage of wizards who believe that they should be regulated for this reason.[1]

The Book of Potions had a sort of localised Weather-Modifying Charm on it, one of many charms added to the book by Zygmunt Budge. The book was capable of producing a Shrivelfig plant and, when the book was rotated, the seasons would change, therefore stimulating rapid growth in the plant and causing it to quickly flower.[2]

Known Weather-Modifying Charms


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