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"He then climbed out of the portrait hole, up through the silent castle (held up only briefly by Peeves, who tried to overturn a large vase on him halfway along the fourth-floor corridor), finally arriving at the Owlery, which was situated at the top of West Tower."
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The West Tower, also known as the Owlery Tower,[4] was one of the many towers of larger part of the Hogwarts Castle. It was located thirteen windows to the left of Filius Flitwick's office.[2]


The tower and its courtyard

The tower contained the Owlery, accessible via the fourth-floor corridor, a circular, stone room which was cold and draughty due to the glassless windows.[1] During the winter months, the Owlery became very cold to the point that one had to be careful with ice on the higher landings.[5] It also contained the Headmaster's office as well as a number of other rooms, such as the Celestial Tapestries room, a classroom for Muggle Art & Artefacts, and a gallery of Paintings of Famous Familiars.[3] From one corridor, a tight, spiralling staircase led to the battlements at the apex of the tower.[6][7]

At the base of the tower was the West Well, which had, by 1993, fallen into disuse.[3] The tower also overlooked at least two courtyards: the West Tower courtyard[8] and the Walled Garden.[3]


In 1994, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger freed Sirius Black from his captivity in Hogwarts Castle on the West Tower battlements.[7]

Behind the scenes

  • In the films, the West Tower is depicted as a remote tower separate from the main castle, whereas the books speak of the tower being connected directly to the main building.


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