Which Broomstick? is a periodically released magazine about broomsticks. It advertises and sells all sorts of broomsticks for Quidditch players. The magazine also test-rides all makes of broomstick and provides reviews on the experience.[2] Oliver Wood, the old Gryffindor Quidditch team captain has been seen reading it.


In 1993, Oliver Wood allowed Harry Potter to borrow it, to find a replacement for his destroyed Nimbus 2000.[3] He later recommended that Harry order a new broomstick using an order form that can be found in the back of this magazine.[4] Later, as Harry was riding his Firebolt at the second Quidditch of the season, Lee Jordan noted that the Firebolt was the broomstick of choice for the Quidditch World Cup, according to this magazine.[5]

In the summer of 1995, Ron Weasley quoted Which Broomstick regarding the speed of the Comet 260 while praising the capabilities of the Cleansweep Eleven he received as a present for becoming a Gryffindor prefect.[6]

On the Hogwarts Express in 1996, Harry Potter traded three Chocolate Frog Cards to Karl Limpley for the latest issue of Which Broomstick?. Later on the voyage, he traded that issue to Jason Huntingdon to get back a pair of Spectrespecs he had stolen from Luna Lovegood. The issue in question contained an article comparing various makes of broomstick, including the Firebolt, which Huntingdon deemed "interesting".[7]

The editor of this magazine provided an endorsement for Quidditch Through the Ages.

Behind the scenes

The title may be a reference to the real-world Which? Magazine.


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