The White River Monster was a species of magical fish native to the White River in Arkansas that was characterised by its spiny back.[1]


Thiago Quintana, an American wandmaker who worked in the early 20th century, used a single spine taken from the back of a White River Monster as the core in all the wands he made.[1] This initially raised concerns of over-fishing, but because Quintana was the only one who knew how to lure the creatures, it ultimately did not have very much of an ecological impact.[1] Quintana fiercely guarded the secret to luring White River Monsters until his death, after which wands containing White River Monster spine cores were no longer made.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • The White River Monster is a real-world cryptid. It was reportedly first sighted in 1915 in the White River in Arkansas, and is said to be large, grey, and similar in appearance to a catfish.[2]


Notes and references

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