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"Hogwarts should be Dumbledore's final resting place."
Filius Flitwick regarding Dumbledore's burial[src]

The White Tomb was the only grave at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.[1] Located on the shores of the lake, it was the final resting place of the Headmaster Albus Dumbledore,[1] who willingly gave his life in the service of the Order of the Phoenix fighting Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters in the course of the First and Second Wizarding War.[2]



"No Headmaster has ever done so much for us."
Albus Dumbledore's accomplishments at Hogwarts[src]

It was Dumbledore's wish to be laid to rest in Hogwarts' grounds, and his supporters, friends, and colleagues ensured that his wish was carried out. Despite the fact that no other Headmasters or Headmistresses had ever been laid to rest at Hogwarts before, the Ministry respected Dumbledore's wishes due to his great standing in the wizarding community. During his funeral, directly after a ceremony official gave his eulogy, his body was encased in bright white flames that gave off smoke in strange patterns, and Harry Potter thought he saw the form of a phoenix fly out of the blaze. When it subsided, Dumbledore was closed in this tomb.[1]


"...or from breaking into your tomb."
Lord Voldemort's theft of the Elder Wand[src]

Voldemort breaks into the tomb

In 1998, Lord Voldemort, during his search for the Elder Wand, demanded the location of the wand from Gellert Grindelwald in his cell in Nurmengard prison. Grindelwald refused to tell him anything, possibly out of a desire not to see his old friend's grave desecrated, or as a sign of remorse for all the atrocities he committed earlier in his life. However, Voldemort eventually deduced that Dumbledore had won the Elder Wand from Grindelwald, who himself stole it from Gregorovitch.[3] Voldemort flew to Hogwarts and used his own wand to crack open the White Tomb from head to foot, and then removed the sheets from around Dumbledore's body, allowing him to take the wand within, which had been buried with its owner. He did not realise that Harry Potter had won the allegiance of the wand from Draco during a skirmish in the Malfoy Manor not long before.[4]

Voldemort claims the Elder Wand

Following Voldemort's death on 2 May at the conclusion of the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry Potter, the one who had slain Voldemort utilising his mastership of the Elder Wand, returned the wand to the White Tomb, restoring it and ensuring Dumbledore's resting place would remain undisturbed.[5]

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