Argus Filch: "What are you doing?"
Harry Potter: "Nothing."
Argus Filch: "Nothing! A likely story! Sneaking around on your own -- why aren't you in Hogsmeade buying Stink Pellets and Belch Powder and Whizzing Worms like the rest of your nasty little friends?"
— Filch grilling Harry about why he wasn't in Hogsmeade.[src]
Whizzing Worms is a joke product that could be purchased in Hogsmeade. It causes worms to bubble up out of a liquid when added to it,[1] and is an item Argus Filch has banned in Hogwarts.[2] They were most likely sold by Zonko's Joke Shop, as during the 1987–1988 school year, proprietor Bilton Bilmes dropped his watch in a bathtub full of them.[3]


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