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"Kennilworthy Whisp... divides his time between his home in Nottinghamshire and wherever Wigtown Wanderers are playing this week."
— The author of Quidditch Through the Ages is a fan of this team[src]

The Wigtown Wanderers were a Quidditch team that played in the British and Irish Quidditch League. The team was based in Wigtown, which is located in southwest Scotland. Founded in 1422, their playing robes were blood red with a silver meat cleaver emblazoned on the chest.[3]

The original Wanderers were the seven children (four sons, three daughters) of local butcher Walter Parkin. They were remembered as a formidable team who had won most of their matches, perhaps partly because Walter himself used to attend every game holding his wand in one hand and a meat cleaver in the other. A Parkin descendent had often been found on the team throughout the centuries.[3]

The original Chasers also invented their own signature move, known as the Parkin's Pincer, where three Chasers flied from different directions at an opposing Chaser.[4]

Kennilworthy Whisp, author of Quidditch Through the Ages, was a supporter of this team.[5] Penny Haywood also supported the team.[6]


During the 1985–1986 school year, Wigtown Wanderers player Ethan Parkin was injured during a match with the Montrose Magpies. This caused his daughter, Skye Parkin, to temporarily leave Hogwarts before the Quidditch team tryouts that year to return home and check on him. Fortunately, Ethan was recovering well and Skye returned in time to compete.

During the 1987–1988 school year, Parkin recruited the Keeper from his former Hogwarts House as a reserve player, after the student's graduation. Parkin returned to Hogwarts to help train Jacob's sibling, who had been elected by their teammates to take over the role.


The original Wigtown Wanderers

Wigtown Wanderers
Parkin Parkin Parkin
  Parkin Parkin  
Keeper Seeker
Parkin Parkin

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