Will Theakston portrayed Terence Higgs, the Slytherin team Seeker, in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.


He has also appeared in two children's TV series: CBBC's The Ghost Hunter and CITV's Sir Gadabout: The Worst Knight in the Land. In Ghost Hunter he played the character of Roddy, one of the main characters. Roddy and his sister Tessa make friends with the ghost of a Victorian shoe-shine boy who is being hunted by the sinister Ghost Hunter. In Sir Gadabout he played the character of Will, a more minor character who is the friend of the princess in the series. This programme was loosely based on the stories of King Arthur.

Will Theakston is no longer acting. He is studying at Bristol University and recording music under the name Vonesvonic. He is an English assistant in France.


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