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The Wingardium Leviosa Challenge was an obstacle course housed in some rooms and outdoor areas located on the third floor of Hogwarts Castle, near the Charms Classroom. As the name suggests, the course was meant for practising the Levitation Charm, Wingardium Leviosa. The areas contained some portcullises that could be activated, flying blocks used to pass large gaps and various secret mechanisms, and also had Flipendo Buttons for the Knockback Jinx. The room also contained a number of Challenge Stars. The course also had a Knight Room infested by gnomes.[1]

During the 1991-1992 school year, Filius Flitwick tasked Harry Potter, and presumably other students, to collect all six of the Challenge Stars within the Wingardium Leviosa Challenge, a task Harry completed successfully.[1]

The next year, 1992-1993, Flitwick challenged his students again in another challenge on the floor below as a refresher on the charm.[2]


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