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Winogrand's Wondrous Water Plants was a Herbology book by Selina Sapworthy that focused specifically on the water plants among Sir Winogrand's collection in the African Lakes.[3]


It had been used at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for at least twenty-five years in Herbology.[1] It was awarded the Herbology Book of the Year[1] award by the Herbology High Commission in an unknown year.[4]

Neville Longbottom owned a copy of this book since, at least, 1994,[3] and kept it with him while hiding out in the Room of Requirement in 1998.[5]

Back cover blurb

Two inside pages

"This book has been awarded by the Herbology High Commission with the Herbology Book of the Year. Selina Sapworthy is a very famous witch specialised in water plants. 30 years ago when she met Sir Winogrand's collection in the African Lakes, she was absolutely surprised with the diversity and the magical potential that those water plants had. When she came back in England she had with her some types and samples. Making her the most famous and specialist is Winogrand's Water Plants. This book was written with the intention of sharing the magical and beautiful potential of the water plants. Winogrand's Wondrous Water Plants has been used in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the last 25 years with extremely success. Read and practise all the lessons in this book and you will become a real herbal expert." [sic]


Notes and references

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