"Ron, after many nervous glances at her, had taken a small wooden wireless out of his rucksack and started to try to tune it."
Ron Weasley and his wireless[src]

A wireless, also referred to as a radio, is an audio sound broadcasting service and a form of long-distance communication and entertainment in the wizarding world. Unlike the Muggle variation, it is powered by magic, not electricity.


In August of 1995, a Surrey radio station hired a man to report on the heat wave the country was suffering from.[1]

Molly Weasley was fond of listening to Celestina Warbeck songs on the Wizarding Wireless Network, although the rest of her family wasn't quite as fond of it.

In 1998, Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, and Hermione Granger would try to use the wireless to find out what was happening in the wizarding world through the renegade programme Potterwatch, which required the listener to tap their wand on the wireless and say a password; this normally would have something to do with the Order of the Phoenix (such as "Albus", which was one of the passwords).

Wizarding use of wireless airwaves has occasionally resulted in Muggles picking up programmes, such as advice on how to prune on a Venomous Tentacula.[2] This has been cited by those in favour of Wizarding use of television in the form of a television corporation, but the British Ministry of Magic feels that British radio listeners are "more tolerant, gullible, or less convinced of their own good sense, than Muggle TV viewers".[2] The details are described in The Philosophy of the Mundane: Why the Muggles Prefer Not to Know.[2]


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