Witch Weekly Magazine[1], more commonly referred to as Witch Weekly is a popular magazine for witches created by Tobias Misslethorpe. It includes articles, quizzes, advice columns, and recipes. It also seems to report a great deal of celebrity news, as Harry Potter and Quidditch players seem to be featured strongly in it.


Molly Weasley is one subscriber; St Mungo's also keeps it stocked in their waiting room. It gives a regular Most Charming Smile award in association with the Witches' League (of which Lady Wimborne was president), which Gilderoy Lockhart had won five times by 1992.

Witch Weekly has been mentioned as publishing interviews by Rita Skeeter, including one written in 1995, "Harry Potter's Secret Heartache," which falsely accused Hermione Granger of leading on both Viktor Krum and Harry Potter by use of love potions to "satisfy her taste for celebrity wizards."[2] The article was widely read enough that Hermione received quite a bit of hate mail. Mrs Weasley also read the article and treated Hermione coldly until Harry informed her that none of it was true.

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