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A Wizard Cracker[1] (also known as a Wizarding Cracker)[2] was a magical kind of Christmas cracker that wizards often gifted to each other around Christmas. It held a small gift inside. Unlike Muggle crackers, Wizard Crackers went off with a bang as loud as a cannon blast, enveloping everyone nearby in a cloud of blue smoke, rather than just a small pop. The gifts in comparison to the Muggle counterpart were often far more unique or genuine in quality, with the hats being as durable as the real thing, and the gifts being rather peculiar.[3]

One brand of wizard crackers was Cribbage's Wizarding Crackers.[2]

Wizard crackers at Hogwarts

Fred and George pull a wizard cracker

Wizard Crackers were given out at the Christmas Feast every year at Hogwarts.[3][4][2] A stack of them was placed every few feet along each of the tables in the Great Hall.[3]

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