This wizard was a Dark Wizard sent to kill Jacob's sibling and Merula Snyde. He was a former student at Mahoutokoro School of Magic in Japan.


This wizard was once a student at Mahoutokoro School of Magic who was expelled, presumably for practising the Dark Arts.

At some point, he travelled from his native Japan to England and successfully made a name for himself in the figurative underworld of wizarding Britain, and eventually even joined the dangerous organisation known as the Cabal.[2]

Known to visit the street of shops and vendors specialising in the darker forms of magic in London known as Knockturn Alley on occasion, at some point in 1989, said dodgy place became the stage for a duel between the wizard in question and fellow criminal Mundungus Fletcher, whom he defeated.[3]

The wizard was eventually caught by Aurors, but before he could be sent to Azkaban, he managed to escape custody. After escaping, he pursued Jacob's sibling and Merula Snyde at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with the initial intention of murdering them.[4]

Some time later, this wizard was tasked by R to capture Jacob's sibling and bring them to the hideout of their organisation in an effort to recruit them into their ranks. Having successfully gained access to the school grounds, and was able to corner them and another student near the Great Lake, along with one of their fellow students, Beatrice Haywood. Without hesitation, he cast the Knockback Jinx on Jacob's sibling,[5] but before he could do anything else, their older brother and known adversary of 'R', Jacob, arrived and chased him off.[6] Following this incident, Aurors from the Ministry of Magic was dispatch to apprehend him, only for him to evade capture. He fled the Hogwarts grounds following the duel in the Forest Grove.[7]

Personality and traits

This individual appeared to be a cold-blooded and ruthless assassin. It was initially believed he intended to kill Jacob's sibling, but claimed he was going to take them to R and they will become their next leader someday.[8]

Magical abilities and skills

  • Dark Arts: As a Dark Wizard who worked as a assassin, he was highly proficient in dark magic, which, given his profession, presumably included the Unforgivable Curses.
  • Martial magic: An accomplished duelist, this warlock at one point defeated Mundungus Fletcher in a duel, who attributed his victory partially to the man's unusual stance and strange incantations. Later, he was notably able to neutralise the entire guard that was supposed to bring him to Azkaban, among them some of the best Aurors under Alastor Moody's command. Upon finally encountering his target at Hogwarts, he proved quick enough to be able to incapacitate Jacob's sibling with a single spell before they got a chance to protect themselves.
  • Nonverbal magic: This wizard could cast spells without having to say them out loud, as demonstrated when he floored Jacob's sibling with a silent Knockback Jinx upon finally cornering them.


  • Wand: He was in ownership of a wand, which was of unknown length, wood and core.


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