"I well recall the time when, on a peculiarly perspicacious journey into the heart of the Fijian rainforest, while engaged in a legendary odyssey to rescue the Giant Fire Crab from extinction at the hands of unscrupulous wizard poachers, I had occasion to rest a while in the shade of a banyan tree."
Gilderoy Lockhart, Marauding with Monsters[src]

A wizard Poacher

A wizard poacher was a wizard who hunted creatures illegally. They hunted to kill a creature in order to gain something from it (e.g. the meat, horns, skin, hair or teeth).


Newt Scamander rescued Frank, a Thunderbird, from wizard poachers trafficking him in Egypt and gave it a temporary home in his suitcase, hoping to release him back into his natural habitat in the wilds of Arizona.[1]

Gilderoy Lockhart claimed that while in the heart of a Fijian rainforest, he had time to rest and hide from such wizards in a banyan tree on his mission to save Giant Fire Crabs from them.[2] However given his dishonesty and fraudulence, this deed was presumably carried out by one of the more courageous and accomplished wizards from whom he stole credit of impressive-sounding adventures and various feats of bravery.[3]


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